Marc F'N Ford Overdrive/Boost

Marc F'N Ford Overdrive/Boost

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What’s the difference between the BMF Effects Marc F’N Ford Overdrive/Boost and the Spiderman lunch box you had as a kid? Well, for one thing, Spiderman didn’t own a lunchbox like that … you’ll actually find a BMF Marc F’N Ford pedal on Marc F’N Ford’s pedalboard.

After an 13 year relationship, BMF Effects is proud to offer the Marc F’N Ford Overdrive/Boost signature pedal. The Marc F’N Ford is based on Marc’s personal choices and features a GB Boost (Germanium Booster) on the Boost side (red LED) feeding into a Purple Nurple Overdrive on the Drive side (orange LED). Each side operates independently and can be stacked for even more tonal options. Every Marc F’N Ford Overdrive/Boost pedal is made to exacting specifications and the pedal you purchase is made exactly the same as the one Marc uses onstage.

As with all BMF Effects pedals, the Marc F’N Ford Overdrive/Boost pedal features true bypass switching and a DC jack.

Dimensions - 5.4" W x 4.5" L (137.2mm x 114.3mm)

Operating DC - 9v

Current Draw - 13mA

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