Where can I buy BMF Effects pedals?
We are constantly expanding our dealer base and if there’s a shop nearby that you think would be a good fit for BMF Effects, please let us know and we’ll contact them. In the meantime, all BMF Effects pedals can be purchased directly from the website.

I see some pedals have options. What are they and how do I find out about them?
The Ge Spot and Sisyphuzz pedals can be built out with different transistors (depending on availability) and voicings (vintage or House Blend). The Godfather series can be built out with low, standard and high gain settings to meet your needs. For these products it’s your pedal, your way.

I bought a Ge Spot / Sisyphuzz / The Godfather, how do I know what specs it was built with?
If you purchased one of these pedals new from a retailer, they were built out to stock specs and voicing… standard gain for The Godfather, standard and high gain for The Godfather II and House Blend voicing for the Ge Spot and Sisyphuzz. If you purchased a pedal second hand and have questions regarding the specs, please feel free to email us with the serial number and date found inside the pedal and I will get back to you.

For the Ge Spot and Sisyphuzz, what is the House Blend voicing?
The House Blend voicing removes some of the “woof and wool” from the classic two transistor fuzz circuit allowing it to sit better in a live mix without losing any identifying tonal characteristics. Vintage Voicing is available as well should it be desired.

Wah circuit boards can be swapped for ones with different specs? What’s that all about?
The BMF Wah was designed to allow the user to be able to quickly and easily remove the existing stock circuit board and replace it for one with different specs. Not approximations of the circuit, the circuit itself. Available spec board information can be found on the BMF Wah description page and ordered directly from BMF Effects.

Can BMF Wah spec boards be used with XXXX brand wah?
No. The spec boards are designed to be used with the BMF Wah only.

Can I order a custom pedal from you?
Custom orders are dependent on the current workload, please feel free to email us to discuss custom projects.

Do you do repairs and/or modifications?
Like custom orders, non-BMF Effects repairs and/or modifications are dependent on the current workload. At this time, I am not accepting non-BMF Effects repairs and/or modifications.

Can my BMF Effects pedal be ordered with custom specs or modifications?
To some degree, yes. However, custom spec/modified pedals are not eligible for return. Please email us to discuss your ideas/needs.

BMF Effects and California Proposition 65.
Prop 65 requires that we issue the following warning when any of our products are sold to a customer in California.

BMF Effects would like our customers to be aware that all circuit boards are made using processes that involve chemicals. This not only applies to effects pedals, but anything you own that contains a circuit board (which is damn near everything these days). The chances of you being exposed to these chemicals are remote.  All BMF Effects circuit boards are safely contained inside the pedals’ enclosures and normal use will not expose you in a significant way to the chemicals used in producing the circuit board. Please do not use your circuit board in a manner that it wasn’t intended for – say, as a cutting surface for food/meal preparation, a serving dish or as a midnight snack when you’re feeling peckish. Under normal usage, you are very unlikely to experience any ill effects from the circuit board in your BMF Effects pedal. We are simply stating this warning to:

A.) comply with California law, and,
B.) avoid suit-pursuant lawyers from suing for non-compliance with California law. 

For more information on Prop 65 and the requirements, please visit www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.