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GB Boost Germanium Booster

GB Boost Germanium Booster

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Not just another pretty-faced treble booster! The GB Boost starts with the classic germanium-fueled treble boost design and adds a tone knob for even more control over your boosted sound. Extremely versatile, the GB Boost can be used before your gain pedals to create a second channel; at the end of your signal chain to push you up and over during a solo; or straight into an amp that’s on the verge of breaking up to give you more drive. The options are there and yours to choose.

As with all BMF Effects pedals, the GB Boost pedal features true bypass switching and a DC jack.

*Transistor options exist based on parts availability, please feel free to contact me for further details.

Dimensions - 2.9" W x 4.5" L (73.7mm x 114.3mm)

Operating DC - 9v

Current Draw - 1mA

Download Instructions For The GB Boost Germanium Booster - PNP VERSION

Download Instructions For The GB Boost Germanium Booster - NPN VERSION

*Color and/or graphics subject to change.

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