El Jefe Overdrive vs. The Godfather Overdrive

By Scott @ BMF Effects

Amp - Carr Imperial 2x12 (Big Red) in Pentode mode and the volume around 5 which is clean but punchy.

Guitars - Gibson 335, 345 and R9. Fender partscasters 50’s Tele, 60’s Tele and 60’s Strat.

All pedal controls set the same.

Volume - 12 o’clock

Tone - 12 o’clock

Gain - 50%, 75%, 100%

Internal Trimmers - 12 o’clock

Disclaimer - I am in no way saying these pedals are “amp-like” or “amps in a box”, I am just comparing what I’ve found to things we can all relate to.

The Jefe has more overall gain than The Godfather, somewhere near the red side of The Godfather II as well as a stronger mid presence while The Godfather is a little more open and has more low end. The Godfather also has this “give” to it, you can dig in and get compression going. With the 335 and Godfather, I got into “Sleepy Time Time” off Live Cream territory (isn’t the sound of those JTM 45/100’s compressing just f’n amazing?). The Jefe has a little faster response, think tube versus solid state rectifier. Both cleaned up well with the guitar’s volume knob and neither pedal stepped on the tone of the guitars and amp being used, both came through very well.

Welp, my ears are ringing so it must be time to shut down. I hope this has helped.

As always, thanks for your support.

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